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Vegan and Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Here at Polite Society Magazine we love promoting black owned businesses that are professional, price affective and offer an amazing product. As far as cosmetics there are not that many representations of People Of Color many brands have only recently taken strides to include POC on social media but not many major campaigns. Well, lets introduce Beauty Strike a Cosmetic company owned by Emani Mone Jeter. Growing up with her mother being a Mary Kay director she always was surrounded by Cosmetics. For years she describes her experience as seeing her mother win numerous free cars, trips and jewelry and even magazine spreads in but as her accolades began to pile she questioned where this company would help them generationally. If Ms.Jeter's mother stopped doing Mary Kay would she be able to keep the cars, jewels and the life being in Mary Kay afforded her. In addition, the company did not keep up with trends while not compromising what the company stands for. Thus, Beauty Strike was born making sure there are scentless options for people whom have skin conditions like eczema  as well as staying vegan, cruelty free and fabulous.

Our Favorite Products From Beauty Strike

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