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Did DJ Khaled Just Pull A THEY Move?

DJ Khaled posted his long awaited Drake vocals to song To The Max on YouTube bright and early this morning. Along with the audio to what seems to be the single off the album, Grateful, in which Khaled posted the album cover art on instagram. The album Grateful, drops June 23, 2017 and is available for pre-order now.

However, If you aren't a New Jersey native you probably would not know DJ Jayhood a local DJ whom made the remix to the song used in this soon to be summer hit To The Max. So essentially To The Max, is a remix of a remix. Which leaves me thinking did DJ Khaled just pull a "THEY" move, or was Jayhood compensated in some kind of way for his effort in beat making and for the use of his vocals which is clearly heard in the background?

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