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How Would She Feel?

Polite Society loves sharing local events, businesses and artists. Local curator Lamar Robillard and Nicole Callender with the sponsorship of Afro Punk are putting on a 3 day gallery event named "How Would She Feel?". Keep reading to find out what the subject matter for the gallery will be about as well as the link to Purpl people another gallery Robillard.
The "How Would She Feel?" art exhibition is a psychological and intellectual response to a post Trump political climate. Independent curators Lamar Robillard and Nicole Callender have joined forces to produce a visual representation of resistance that recognizes the importance of intersectionality and women's marginalization, oppression, and humiliation with 45 in office. 
The exhibit features an all women cast of artists who are platformed to express their emotions and prompt awareness and questions through their showcased work. 
The two curators also wish to raise funds for both the ACLU and Breast Cancer Awareness. 
Opening Reception: Friday, June 30th 6pm - 9pm
Days after Reception: Saturday, July 1st 12pm - 8pm, Sunday, July 2nd 12pm - 6pm

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