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Swimsuits For All: An Ode To Swimsuit Season

Swimsuits for college students usually means a you're getting ready for that little piece of heaven called spring break. Spring break is that taste of summer that usually lasts about a week with the location usually somewhere by a beach or pool, which usually means your spring break uniform is a swimsuit.

Picking one to two small pieces of clothing that exposes most of your body can be a really nerve racking thing. Many people often don't feel comfortable enough or "the right size" to wear the trendy swimsuits of the season may have limited options. 

Remembering swimsuits are a struggle for everyone no matter the size, height or build can really help make your decision for a swimsuit this season a tad bit easier. But, remember while on your way to set your umbrella or beach chair remember these few tips.

The guy wearing swim shorts(or trunks) without having abs does not need to wear a rash guard or a t-shirt: Everyone should feel welcomed to wear what ever they feel comfortable in wearing to the beach and should not be made to feel opposite. 

The girl in the one piece does not hate her body: A common misconception is that people who wearing a one piece are often not happy with whats going on underneath so they must hide. Ok! Everyone is not comfortable wearing a two-piece but who says they don't love their body just as much or even more than you do. Also, do not I repeat DO NOT go up to anyone wearing a one piece and say "Why are you wearing a one piece? Your body is cute enough to wear a bikini!" that is the most disrespectful thing anyone could say as well as not valuing someone having a different style from yours. 

The not so "skinny" girl is allowed to wear a bikini: Just because swimsuit campaigns often forget that the whole population is not a size 2 does not mean you should. The average size of a woman in the United States is actually a size 14-16 (as told by Just because someone doesn't fit your standard of what body type should wear a bikini doesn't mean they aren't allowed to so refrain from the comments and the rude stares. 

Last but not least, wearing a push-up bra and a cheeky bikini does not make you a slut: Often if you go to a beach and a woman is wearing this type of bikini you will hear comments like "No one wants to see all of that" 'Leaving something to imagination!". ITS REALLY NOT THAT DEEP. Not everyone is gifted in the boobs or butt region and often have to fake the funk. Wearing a push-up or sport bra often gives the illusion more is really there than in reality. Also, wearing a cheeky bottom with a high waist often makes your bottom look rounder and most times bigger hehe, sorry guys. However, no one should be made feel like they are a hoe for embracing their body and wanting the same respect for people to respect them as well. 

The point is every piece of clothing you wear the next person may not feel 100% comfortable in so respect other peoples decisions and remember picking a swimsuit is equally as hard no matter what body shape you are.

Also, stay tuned for swim launch! 

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