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Not Your Wifey's Cleaning Schedule

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Its Emani Mone and I'm NOT YOUR WIFEY! I am starting an article (or guide, think ned's declassified but for women) called Not Your Wifey for the new age woman who wants the family life as well as a business life. I have a ton of tips to share about living alone, living with your partner as well as just moving to a big NEW city and actually managing spiritual, personal and business relationships.
Gladly, all of you read this tittle and saw that this is actually a cleaning schedule. How fun? So I read the man repeller's article and decided to put my Polite spin on things. Lets get gross.



1. Clean The Toilet

In reality who doesn't clean their toilet every time it looks dirty. I mean eating Chipotle is not the best life choice but we do it anyway?

My Guess: Once a week  / My Reality: Every two days, I'm a bit obsessive compulsive with the toilet. I'll feel like my bathroom is a public bathroom and literally have bad digestion for days if its not clean. (IM DRAMATIC)

 The Answer: Cleaning expert Leslie Reichert says it should be thoroughly cleaned once a week, but given a once over with the toilet brush once per day for general maintenance.


2. Change Your Loofah

Ok, I am guilty of only changing my loofah when I feel like it doesn't exfoliate my skin anymore. I mea that's why I bought it. If you don't feel the scrub, what is it good for absolutely nothing!

My Guess: Every 2 months / My Reality: Every six months

The Answer: Ideally, you’d soak it in bleach for five minutes once a week and then replace it every two months if it’s plastic or every month if it’s made of natural fibers, per dermatologist Melissa Piliang, MD. My loofah is blue and I am not getting it bleached so... I'll just leave this there


3. Wash Your Towel

Towels in a female house are used for a plethora of things. Such as hair, body and maybe even closing up the bottom of your door for uhh personal things.

My Guess: Every 2 weeks / My Reality: Once a month

The Answer:  Every three to four uses, says home expert Richmond, because they’re designed for heavy use and get very wet. Because we all must live in a laundry matt... mental note: next apartment has to have washer and dryer.

4. Change Your Toothbrush

 I would say every 4-6 months because we use this everyday and dia if your nasty.

My Guess: 4-6 months / My Reality: Twice a year at doctors appointments. Don't look at me I know you do it too.

The Answer: Every three months, according to the American Dental Association, or as soon as it appears frayed. ALSO, DON’T STORE IT NEAR A TOILET BECAUSE POO PARTICLES GET ON IT.


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