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MARVEL Brings Back Bullet-proof Superhero

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   Did Marvel bring back Luke Cage for publicity or to shed light on the culture that surrounds African-American men? A big question to ask such a powerhouse like Marvel whom has been trying to bring in more characters of color.
   Luke Cage is one of Marvel Universe Superhero's with his real name being Carl Lucas received a name change to start a new life outside of the gang affiliation he once had. After a sabotaged lab experiment gone wrong Cage actually has unbreakable skin hence, he is bullet proof. After a failed relationship with another superhero named Jessica Jones, Cage tries to rebuild a quiet life in Harlem. But, after neighborhood gang wars start up again Cage has no choice to come to the defense of the innocent in this new Netflix thriller. 
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While Luke Cage, is only available on Netflix at the moment he has sure taken to social media with tweets speaking on racial appropriation and Netflix & Coffee Jokes. What is your idea on the new series? Leave us a comment below. 

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