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Women in sports always strikes out a controversial topic, to the amount of money they receive, endorsement deals and to overall sportsmanship. These four women in sports have been striking controversy and becoming overnight super stars for their god given talent and will to prove that they are the best. 

We are all familiar with the Gabby Douglas story and how she evoked a spirit within young African-American girls hearts everywhere to try something different. Now Simone Manuel, the First African-American female to medal (Gold Medal) in an individual swimming event history wins people hearts with her speech right after she women her title. 

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More Women who are breaking boundaries

Rafaela Silva a women who earned and carried the first Brazilian Gold Medal of the Olympics are turning heads to the long neglected favelas.

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Ibtihaj Muhammad 

The first female fencer to wear her traditional Hijab during the Olympics. While seeming obviously normal to her was quite controversial to others.  

We should be proud as women to celebrate other women in their success. No matter the skin tone but we are glad to see records for African-American women being broken and hopefully this is a small step to change.

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