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The Music Review: Ramriddlz


Have you been searching for those few songs to put towards the end of your Netflix and chill playlist? Well look no further, emerging Toronto artist Ramriddlz is the perfect fit. Gaining his initial fame from Drake remixing his song “Sweeterman,” Ramriddlz has yet to disappoint with his new music. In fact, Ram just recently released his project Venis, his most fluid body of work yet.

The neo island/Dancehall sound that Ram has crafted is reminiscent of artists like Kevin Lyttle and Alkaline, but also contains audible splashes of African influence. This can likely be attributed to him being the child of Egyptian immigrants. Ram’s style shines clearly on songs like “Bodmon” and “Venis” from his new mixtape. Much of his music plays light heartedly with themes of sex and partying.

Surprisingly, Ramriddlz has only really been making music for bit over a year. If his discography to date is any indication, his potential for growth as an artist is mammoth. Still, Ram is a young artist and isn't afraid to own it. Don’t be surprised to see a purposely over-corny music video or one where the main love interest is a sex doll.

Notable Projects Include:
  • Venis (2016)
  • P2P (2015)

Notable Songs Include:
  • Bodmon
  • Venis
  • Sweeterman
  • Cider
  • Dem Callin (feat. Playboi Carti)

Check out his newest mixtape Venis and Follow Polite Society Music On Soundcloud

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