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While scrolling through twitter and seeing a Promoted Tweet for Kraft Cheese we thought we could shed some light on a potential heartbreak. While reading up on better eating habits and transitioning onto a full vegan, we found this article about how the wood you are eating can basically be made of wood. Now we all know that the "additives and preservatives" in certain food can be a little sketchy but after reading an article on we are more skeptical than ever.
In November of 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (or FDA aka the food inspectors of American) took a stop into a rural Pennsylvania cheese company named Castle Cheese Inc. The company was advertising 100% REAL parmesan cheese and actually evidence was found that they were using wood fillers. YES, they were giving their customers WOOD in their cheese. Most might say that is a disgusting thing to do but upon research they are not the only company that actually puts wood in their cheese. 
Lets break is down. The FDA actually thinks it is a safe thing to do to add wood as an additive/preservative and even have a percentage they think is the limit. The limit of Cellulose of Wood pulp is 2% while companies like Kraft is reported to use about 3.8% while Wal-Mart branded cheese uses an abnormal 7.8% of cheese. 

In 2016, we at Polite Society Magazine are wondering how many cheese companies are going to continue to get away with this and how our bodies are affected because of Cellulose.

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