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Purpl People

The Color Concept Series is a series of art exhibits curated by @Marsoverus. Purpl People will be the 2nd installment of the Color Concept Series following BLU. Purpl People will feature live installations, chopped and screwed sounds, and lighting projecting purple hues. Artist are creating installations to stand and rest in front of a 5 by 6 feet painting. 

The installations are to project an emotion inspired by surrealist art. The exhibit is a 3 day experience with new artist everyday. It's a must see! And must Feel! Not only will Purpl People display art while projecting sounds and color, art and merchandise will be sold as he kicks of the second event of his Proud to Pay Campaign! So remember to bring your wallet, smile and prepare to expand your mind.  

Here is the RSVP link to Purpl Taking Place May 27-29th 4pm

From the BLU Series

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