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South Africa Mos Def

If you don't know who Yasiin Bey, is then you have probably been under rock for most of your life. The rapper formally known as Mos Def is currently stuck in South Africa as he said in his 20 something minute rant via The rapper took to West's website to announce his truth of what is occurring in South Africa in an almost eery way. The rapper formally known as Mos Def rapped his version of No More Parties In L.A converting it to No More Parties In S.A. Mos Def is not allowed to leave South Africa until he provides a U.S passport when he is used to traveling on a world passport without any problem even claiming to have stamps to prove. Coming to a close of the 20 something minute rant Bey announced the release of his final album and him quitting the film industry indefinitely. Lets see how this all plays out he has 14 days to leave South Africa or be banned for five years. 

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