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WANG Season

If you follow any street style blogs or pages we're pretty sure you have seen Lasaye Hommes and his team Wang racking up the likes wearing your most influential brands. Lasaye being an avid street style influencer/musical artist is premiering his music video "I Know" this upcoming Sunday, and to add a dose of Wang style to the mix the premiere will be in a movie theatre. All the info is below to RSVP as soon as possible seats are filling fast. 

“I Know” Video Premiere 
Directed By:
@lasayehommes x @codylaplantfilms x @_gramien Sunday January 17, 2016 at
Helen Mills Theater
135 W 26th ST
NY, New York 10001
Premiere starts at 6pm EST


Check out Lasaye's Last Music Video Whole Squad Below 

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