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Genesis Iver

For the love of Sade we found an artist that captured a love song that a women deserves without getting uber emotional. Check out the song and a few questions we had for the artist below.

What is the name of your project?

Name of my upcoming project is entitled Wolves. It's about adapting to your surroundings in order to survive there. It's mostly produced by Casey Cassh but you see production from Official X and you may see something from Hamond as well.

How did this song come to you?

Sadé came about because of not having enough time for someone special that I felt deserved & I wanted to give her that time and let her know how I felt.

Are you apart of a collective or are you solo?

I am a solo artist and I'm under winners music & media group. Which is, like an indie label that my brother and I started.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I rather people stick around and see because I honestly don't know which direction I may go, creatively speaking. But Cameo video drops Thursday & the tape should drop late January.

What is your first name and why can't anyone call you by it? 

*Laughs* I'm not saying & its because they don't know me. If it was okay to do so, I wouldn't have a stage name. I have to keep the people that have always known me from the people that know me because of my music. I feel like it's the only thing to snap me back into reality.

How serious are you about attaching concepts to your music?

I can only work in concepts. The only way

What do you think influenced your music to this point?

Life experiences, moments, the neighborhood, heartbreak, love, being broke, being homeless, death, tears etc.. Literally everything

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  1. He seems interesting and down to earth. Might have to check him out