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    What happens when you bring Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Toronto together? One hell of a night. With names like London Zhiloh, Coco & Breezy, DJ OHSO, Zeus Trappin and Evan The Twerk God, The Baltimore Gallery, definitely had a culture mix. The dance moves went from the jit, pipping it up to swag surfing and of course the ladies favorite sexy walking. 

  "Dirty sprite"was on the menu with every one of course double cupping and even a few triple cups like in the picture below. If you thought about going to this party and you didn't you really missed out on seeing one of the most culturally and geographically diverse parties not to mention the turn up. Mosh pits, twitter beefs, twerking, dozens of photos from the hilarious costumes and of course the average shade being thrown we at Polite Society are ready for Part 2. 

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NOSHIRTRALPH Sweating after his premiere set that started a mosh pit brawl that ended pretty quick as it started.
Me Snapchatting (Grey Mouse Ears) DJ OHSO's Set That Had The Crowd Jumping

Double Trouble COCO & BREEZY DJ their finale set

Special Shout Out To Bre'Ann White for the invite and to bringing different people together for such a dope event. The headache was worth it!

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