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Erykah Badu: You Cain't Use My Phone

So after the drop of Hotline Bling Remix we all were wondering when Miss Badu was going to release her next body of work and we sure got a special surprise. Erykah Told Nylon Magazine in an interview what her mixtape will sound like and we are pleasantly surprised.

When NYLON asked Erykah:
What can you tell us about what we can expect?

Erykah Responded
"Well, the name of the mixtape is But You Cain’t Use My Phone. The first single was “Hotline Bling,” and all of the songs are phone-related. That’s why I called it a mixtape, because it’s some reinterpretation, some remakes, some samples. It’s a collection of thoughts that I’ve had about the phone. I just thought it would be fun. And I’m feeling it because it’s exciting! I feel really creative, so I wanted to share that with everybody."

With her recent hosting of the Soul Train Awards that will not be airing until November 29th at 8p.m. EST. We're wondering when will this mixtape drop? But, in the mean time we have images via of Erykah's look.

Read the full Interview with Erykah at

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