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3 Reasons To Love Zoe Isabella Kravitz

It's Not Wednesday but our women crush forever just keeps going at it. Zoe Isabella Kravitz is our beauty, life, friendship inspiration of the week and here are some reasons why!

#1 Makeup - Zoe's Makeup is never too much or too little it perfectly compliments her face aka goals.
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#2 Hair - Kravitz Posted An Updated Instagram Picture of her hair not rocking her usual micro-braids but long twists that sort os look like a classy twist out.

#3 Being in a kick ass band . Having a best friend in a band was always my dream...idk why but she's it (in my head) Btw, check out her band LOLAWOLF

What are some of your reasons you love/like Zoe?! Leave it in the comments
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