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$3 Chipotle Burrito, Bowl Or Salad

The Boo-rito is back! Which means you can get your bowl, burrito or salad for $3. YES! THREE-DOLLARS. But, this year they added a new twist to just the regular wear a costume and get a discounted meal because as said in the recent press release:
"Chipotle is asking Boorito participants to add an unnecessary addition to their costumes in order to redeem the $3 Boorito offer. This twist on the costume guidelines supports the company’s larger vision of serving only the highest quality ingredients versus the complex array of unnecessary additives and preservatives that are typically found in fast food."

They want you to add something unnecessary to your costume to get a deal. 
Do you think its fair for people to have to dress up to get the deal even if they don't celebrate the holiday? 

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