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The Traveling Photographer | Bre'Ann White

Imagine waking up in a new city creating something shell shocking in a new city with new people every week. The traveling photographer Bre'Ann White is born and raised in Detroit, MI and is apart of a collective group of creatives named theWHLGNS. Bre'Ann's work with The Lip Bar went viral across social media platforms spreading her work and her name across the world. Bre'Ann doesn't simply work on photography she works on how people interpret her work, leaving a story or a message behind any and all images for viewers and clients to question. Every image this phenominal photographer releases creates a frenzy and somewhat forces people to share their opinion such as the one below.  

The internet fame that came along with The Lip Bar shoot wasn't really of interest to Bre'Ann it was the aspect go people recognizing her work. Bre'Ann is very POLITE and honestly will get shy if you credit her on an awesome job. Taking creative criticism so well and being interested in all the fields of Fashion and art is only going to further her career and reach new stronger plateaus.  

Model @OhWaWa Creative Director @RoscoSpears MUA: @MarshasMakeovers For @TheLipBar


 Model: Nate Carty
Styling: Rosco Spears
Makeup: Cassandra Ward
Photography: Bre'Ann
Head Pieces: Augusto Manzanares

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