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Roots Picnic Concert Review

   The Roots have been consistently curating and releasing meaningful albums as well as promoting other artists whom do the same. At Saturday's (May 30) eighth annual Roots Picnic not only did we get to dwell in the presence of soul but also trap and slow jams. 

      Sound stylist DJ Mustard probably spun the most "lit" set of 2015. His recipe was to play the first 30 seconds of every rap hit that of course he produced in the last year and a half. A$AP Rocky blessed the crowd with the first live performances with music from At.Long.Last.A$AP and very unique visuals on the monitors. Lastly our favorite performer The Weeknd had everyone in the crowd throwing up XO's as he lustily sung his heart away. By far the best performance of the night after Queen Badu+ The Roots.   

      As The Roots took the stage the crowd suddenly mellowed and softened as bold visuals hit the monitors and Black Thought questioned "What's your passion?". Followed by the answer "Ours is excellence" he said right before introducing Erykah Badu onto the stage and begin "Window Seat," her first song then everything got real as she took off the visor (as you can see from out video down below). Badu's vibe undoubtedly shook up the stage as she is not only a killer singer, songwriter as well as she is a spiritual guide. The highlight of Erykah's performance was the 15+ minute long version of the hit "Love of My Life," Black thought standing in for Common. As the collective turned this hip-hop ode into long winded tribute to many artists such as Wu-Tang Clan performing "C.R.E.A.M." to Kanye West's "Gold Digger." YG "My Ni**, Freeways "Roc The Mic" and the LOX "It's All About The Benjamins" and "Money, Power & Respect".
     Lastly, Badu performed her flawless cover of "Green Eyes" which got the crowd really stirred. Then surprise surprise The Weeknd came back out to close the show and what a finally it was! Check out bits and bobs from the concert in the video below. 

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