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Petrichor NYC | YOUTH

       When meeting with the art & sew designer, Frank Caffey, behind the brand Petrichor I was seriously shocked. Frank is a calm, 6 foot something, graphic designer, art teacher, ex-college baseball player, pescatarian guy who really has big plans for expanding his brand and life. 
       Petrichor by definition means a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather launched Fall of 2013. But, like most brands were thought of way prior to the actual launch. Caffey's and his younger brother planned on starting the brand to mix luxury and streetwear. We owe the brands launching to an epiphany Frank had after his brother passing, Caffey realized it was what his brother would want. 
     Petrichor now is purely art on clothing all spawning from Frank's heavy graphic design background and creative mind. Frank asks and inspires people to "Just live because you don't know when your going to die".

These are absolutely my favorite item from the collection. Which Frank actually credits his brother for the design. These hats are suede and feature a dipped gold P on the front panel. 

They retail for $40 and are available at

Olive Crown, $40

Kam's Crown, $40

Kelly Green Crown, $40

Image From Petrichor New Collab Coming Soon. Caffey says his partner and his inspiration with this new collaboration is "You can be youthful and be 60 years old", Frank credits youth to being more of a choice rather than a age requirement.

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